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One Piece Wonders


Shop our exclusive collection of one piece looks featuring Jumpsuites, Rompers, Bodysuits & Play suites. Made with high quality fabrics and excellent design that fits the body's every curve, you are sure to love every piece.


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Sequin Evening Wear KC Fashion Week

Sassy Selfie Dress Haul SassySelfie.com

Sassy Selfie Clothing Review & Unboxing: Pieces: Faux Suede Ruched Bodycon Dress in Blush/Pink http://www.sassyselfie.com/Faux-Suede-Dress-p/cd046.htm

Sassy Selfie Clothing Review SassySelfie.com

Clothing Review for clothing items from Sassy Selfie. In this review is the crop top spaghetti strap cami Black http://www.sassyselfie.com/product-p/ct002.htm

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