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Monochromatic Dressing Is A Blessing

     You may be staring at your computer screen wondering what monochromatic dressing even means. Well, it’s just a fancy smancy way of saying that you’ll be dressing in similar hues. Key word: Hues. I say hues because it’s the same color but with at least a piece or two in a shade slightly lighter/darker than the rest of the outfit. It’s not the early 2000’s people. Thank heavens there will be no grape juicy couture tracksuits or any other similar head to toe monstrosities… I’m looking at you early 2000’s Paris Hilton and Missy Elliot. No, this new trend, when done properly, elongates the body and can act as a perfect canvas for all the statement accessories popping up this season.

     The Kardashians are a perfect example of this trend done at its finest. Each lady works this trend in her own way. Love’em or hate ‘em… They can sure rock a trend!

      To rock this trend simply pick out a silhouette that makes your body look bangin’ and choose in co-ordinating colors. One trend that’s flattering on everyone is a bodysuit with high-waisted jeans and a flowy coat. As for color… Hues are always best. However, there are exceptions to every fashion rule. All over white and head to toe black will be forever chic. Those wishing to branch out head toe into one single shade other than b&w… Beware: Keep the pieces crisp, and understated with one piece being a focal point. Otherwise you run the risk of joining early 2000’s Paris and Missy… Yikes!

 Friends don’t let friends do the fashion walk of shame…

     Now go out there and be fabulous!!! And, remember… Share your Sassy Selfies with #luvsassyselfie. Until next time…


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